10/03/17 – THE GUARDIAN NGR – Oba of Benin moves against human traffickers, cultists

LINK:  Oba of Benin moves against human traffickers, cultists

The Oba of Benin Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Oba Ewuare II, has placed a curse on perpetrators of human trafficking and their collaborators including native doctors and priests who administer the oath of secrecy on victims.

The Oba placed the curse yesterday in Benin City while meeting with Enogie, Edionwere, and priests of different deities in Benin and native doctors at his palace.

Others, who attended the meeting, are senior and junior priests of Okhuaihe, senior and junior priests of Ovia, all priests in Iyekogba, all priests of Ake, all priestesses and native doctors as well as market women leaders.

He said the oath of secrecy administered on the victims has been encouraging the illegal trade called on all native doctors to shun the act and join hands with the palace to attract development and progress to the kingdom.

“It is reported that at the beginning the traffickers take their victims to native doctors to take an oath that they will not disclose the names of their traffickers and sponsors.

“Your power is to fight for the progress of Benin kingdom and not to be used for the destruction of our young people”.

He also invoked his power as the spiritual leader of Benin kingdom nullified all the oaths of secrecy administered on all victims of human trafficking and urged them to speak out and seek assistance.

While disclosing that statistics from relevant agencies reveal that most of those trafficked in Nigeria are from Benin, Oba Ewuare deplored the practice where gainfully employed artisans sell their working tools to pay their traffickers.

“We have some people gainfully employed as mechanics, welders, tailors, selling their working tools to pay traffickers to take them to Italy, Germany.

“Those, who traffic people to Italy, Germany and other countries first take them to Libya where they are enslaved”.

He urged the native doctors to tell all victims of human trafficking to speak out as all oaths of secrecy have been nullified.

“From today, we no longer want to hear of human trafficking in Benin. I hope those who have been involved in this illegal trade will stop from today.

“All native doctors who have administered the oath of secrecy on victims of human trafficking should also tell those they administered such oath on to speak out.

“Am appealing to all native doctors to stop administering such oaths on trafficked victims and all such oaths are hereby nullified.

“No native doctor should do any charm for any potential illegal migrant to cross the international border. Those who did it before now are forgiven and whoever does it from today will face the wrought of our ancestors”, the monarch warned.

Speaking with newsmen after the royal pronouncement, zonal commander, National Agency for the Prohibition in Trafficking in Persons, NAPTIP, Barrister Nduka Nwanwennee pointed out that the Oba’s intervention is a significant milestone in the war against human trafficking and illegal migration.

“Before now, victims of human trafficking rarely open up to give evidence in court because of they have taken. They are afraid and believe that the oath will have an effect on them as the native doctors who administered such oaths have their personal items like fingernails, pubic hair, menstrual pads, pants, photographs etc.

“Now that those oaths have been nullified by the monarch, our power of prosecution has been enhanced and we can now rescue more victims,” he said.


10/03/18 – THE NATION NGR – Human trafficking: Oba of Benin forces native doctors to revoke curses placed on victims

LINK: Human trafficking: Oba of Benin forces native doctors to revoke curses placed on victims

Posted By: Osagie OTABOR, Benin 

Edo State victims of human trafficking can now call the bluff of agents who threaten them with dire consequences of oaths sworn to in the process of taking them abroad.

The oaths which are often administered by native doctors engaged by the agents were reversed yesterday by the same native doctors.

The oath reversal was at the instance of the Benin monarch, Oba Ewuare II, at a special meeting in his palace to stop human trafficking in the state which comes tops in the illegal act in Nigeria.

An oath taking process ,according to victims, involve the invocation of parts of their bodies as collateral to force them pay back the money spent by the agents to take them  mainly to Europe where they end up as prostitutes.

Hundreds of native doctors converged on the Oba of Benin palace yesterday to heed the monarch’s call.

Oba Ewuare 11 said Governor Godwin Obaseki had pleaded with him to help reduce the spate of human trafficking in the state.

The state, he pointed out, has had enough of the embarrassment that comes with human trafficking and it is time to put an immediate end to it.

He said while the palace has nothing against the practice of native medicine, it will not condone a situation where it is used to “perpetrate evil in the land through aiding and abetting human trafficking.”

He said: “You native doctors whose business is to subject people to oath of secrecy and encouraging evil act in the land, you have to repent, stop doing it.

“This is not a joking matter and if you do not repent, you’ll see the repercussions.”

He cursed human traffickers and native doctors who subject Benin sons and daughters to oaths of secrecy, initiate them into cults or encourage violation of the order banning Community Development Associations.

He warned that anyone persisting should be ready to face the wrath of the gods.

He then directed the native doctors present to revoke the curses and oaths already placed on trafficked victims.

The Benin Monarch declared: “We want to use this medium to tell those who are under any oath of secrecy that they are now free. We revoke the oath today.

“What the palace stands for is peace and the development of the state. I want to use this medium to tell you that the act of using charms to aid trafficking, the palace seriously frowns at it.

“We want us to join hands together to fight against human trafficking in the land.”

Those who took part in the swearing exercise were priests from various shrines in the state such as the Ohen Okhuae, Ohen Ovia, Ohen noriyekeogba, Ohen Ake, Ohen Niwuo, native doctors, Ohen Sango,  Odionwere, Iwueki and the  Enigies.

10/03/18 – LAILA NEWS – See the ‘Juju’ Oba of Benin used to revoke curses at the palace yesterday

LINK: See the ‘Juju’ Oba of Benin used to revoke curses at the palace yesterday

by Laila Ijeoma


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According to reports, the last time the Ososomaye was brought out into the open was about 400 years ago.

The Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare 11, yesterday placed a curse on people engaged in human trafficking in Edo state. Others that were cursed by the Monarch are the native doctors who administer the oath of secrecy on victims. The Oba and his palace chiefs asserted that the gods of Benin Kingdom would destroy those involved in the illicit trade.

The traditional Palace Juju ‘Ososomaye’ of Great Benin kingdom was reportedly brought out for the first time yesterday to face the sun in the presence of all Palace chiefs, native doctors and women leaders who witnessed the traditional occasion.

According to reports, the last time the Ososomaye was brought out into the open was

about 400 years ago. And according to the tradition of the Benin Kingdom, anytime the Ososomaye sees the sun, it does not fail to carry out any assignment it is deployed to run. It is reported that anyone that suffers from the curse of the Ososomaye will not only be affected but his generations will also be jinxed.

Tradition has it that the last time it was deployed and brought out to see the sun was during the reign of Oba Ewuare 1.

The ‘Ososomaye’ is what all the spiritual heads in Edo kingdom report to.

The Osososmaye was paraded before the Kings and the Place chiefs in the presence of the media. The Oba of Benin then revoked the curses placed on victims of human trafficking; while curses were placed on human traffickers, cultists and cult activities and land grabbers in Benin kingdom henceforth.

According to reports, Edo state tops the list of the states within the country with the highest rate of human trafficking. Victims are subjected to all sorts of rituals and oaths and curses are sometimes place on them if they renege on the agreement they have with the trafficker.


07/04/2018 – REPUBBLICA – Un editto annulla il ricatto voodoo. “Adesso aiutate le donne a lasciare la strada”

Per le ragazze nigeriane vittime della tratta è un fatto epocale. L’Oba (che vuol dire re), Ewuare II, ossia la massima autorità religiosa dell’Edo State in Nigeria, qualche settimana fa ha convocato tutti i sacerdoti della religione tradizionale juju e, in una cerimonia solenne a Benin City che negli ultimi anni è diventata una sorta di capitale del sesso da esportazione, ha formulato un editto in cui ha revocato tutti i riti vudù che vincolano le ragazze ai loro sfruttatori, obbligando i sacerdoti juju a non praticarne più in futuro.Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 19.03.52

La notizia è arrivata anche a Palermo. Genitori e parenti hanno contattato dalla Nigeria le ragazze per comunicare la notizia, alcuni video stanno facendo il giro del web da giorni e anche la chiesa pentecostale sul territorio si sta facendo portavoce di questo messaggio. Così tante ragazze nigeriane sono scappate dalle case in cui erano costrette a prostituirsi e hanno chiesto aiuto. Sono già una ventina dopo l’editto del “re”.

«Significa che le ragazze sono libere — dice Osas Egbon, referente dell’associazione Donne di Benin City che si batte per offrire un’alternativa a chi non riesce a uscire dal giro — Perché senza vudù non hanno più motivo di rimanere legate alle loro “maman”. Stiamo cercando di diffondere il più possibile questo messaggio. Purtroppo, però, chi scappa non ha un posto dove andare e la strada è sempre lì dietro l’angolo. Adesso che il “re” ci ha dato la forza, chiediamo anche alle istituzioni di fare la loro parte». L’associazione chiede, per esempio, di poter gestire qualche struttura per accogliere in un luogo protetto le ragazze che, forti dell’editto, si lasceranno la loro vecchia vita alle spalle. L’editto del “re” nasce dalla degenerazione del fenomeno della tratta delle ragazze nigeriane che sono sempre di più e sempre più giovani. Tantissime minorenni. Soltanto a Palermo sono oltre 500 e reggono la metà del giro della tratta in città. In nome di un rito vudù diventano schiave per anni, a volte per tutta la loro vita, perché credono che infrangendo il patto del rito moriranno o sarà fatto del male a qualche loro parente.«Soltanto se si trovano dei luoghi sicuri per le ragazze le cose potranno davvero cambiare — dice Nino Rocca della rete sociale a sostegno della lotta alla tratta — Bisogna cavalcare questo momento favorevole in cui anche la massima autorità della Nigeria che è stata anche ambasciatore in Italia si è esposta su questo tema. Non si può più tornare indietro». Il 14 aprile al centro Santa Chiara dell’Albergheria ci sarà una grande festa per condividere con la città questa svolta. E, intanto, sono tante le ragazze che in queste settimane si sono rivolte allo sportello dell’associazione Donne di Benin City al Teatro Montevergini per chiedere aiuto. «Facciamo tutto quello che possiamo per aiutarle — dice Egbon — cerchiamo di metterle in guardia sui rischi che corrono. Tante hanno anche bambini e chiedono di poter vivere al sicuro, niente altro».